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Watching a movie in the theater could be more fun since the movie-going experience is more amazing. One of the reasons is, you could watch a movie in the theater with a wider screen. However, you could actually watch your favorite movie at home with the same fun using some few innovations.

Tips on how you can watch your favorite movie better than the cinema

Consider your schedule, consider your budget, and consider your comfortabilty. These three things should be considered so that you can have a fun and spectacular movie-going experience. You could have all of these even without going to theaters. In theaters, you might get tired of waiting for a long line. You might be restricted of foods that you want to bring inside. Your free time might not fit into the showing schedule of the cinema. So, the best option for you is to watch anytime and anywhere. These are some tip you could do at home to watch a movie better than the cinema.

  • You could watch free movies online as long as you have wireless internet connection. However, be sure that the site that you’re visiting is safe and offers a free movie. There are some sites which could attack your device with computer viruses. There are some sites which will cut your movie in the middle and require you to pay a sum of money. If you’re looking for free movies but will be safe for your device, solarmovie could offer it for you.
  • You could search the movie you want to watch in the searching box of the site. Or, if you don’t have any movies in mind, there are genres which you could find a good movie from.
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  • You could use an LCD projector or a large monitor if you want a wider screen. You could also install some speakers for a louder but modulated sound.


  • Grab some popcorn, play the movie, and enjoy!

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